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My name is Sheila Burke.  I was born in 1965 and have lived in Ohio my whole life.  My husband Shane and I have raised three amazing children.  We’ve been happily married and chasing dreams since 1989.

I have been on a journey of self discovery for many years.  I have an open mind, love to read, and enjoy learning though a variety of subjects.

ZEN-SATIONAL LIVING is  my first book and was a long time in the making. It is not my own personal story, but rather a road map for others starting out on their own personal journey of self-discovery.  BOOYAH! SPIRIT, my second book, is a wonderful mix of ancient ideas, modern experiments, how-to’s, personal life lessons, quotes, and my own photography.  The reader will find 52 ingredients for a healthy soul.

This blog was developed as a result of my quest to live healthier, both in mind and body.  Here you will find tips and information on a variety of beneficial adjustments to your lifestyle.

Always a dabbler in putting pen to paper, I finally started publishing books in 2010 with the release of her first book Zen-Sational Living.   My journey of self discovery started after getting over the hurdle of raising teenagers without losing all of my marbles. Learning how to live a life where stress takes a backseat and love rides shotgun is reflected in my writing.

Although I freely admit to losing my Zen now and then, I am pleased to share my life’s journey with my readers, and I have done so in the many titles I have released over the years, on my blog, and through social media. I have also designed journals to aid those in recording their own journey.

My Books

Zen-Sational Living: A Simple Guide to Finding Your True Self and Maintaining Balance
Booyah! Spirit: 52 Ingredients For A Healthy Soul. Suffering Is Optional
Circle of Soul: at the end, we begin again
Whispers of The Soul
150 Ways to Get Your Zen On: Book 1- Finding Your Happy Place

Blank Journals I have designed:
Reflections: A Line A Day. My Five Year Journal
Milestones & Memories: A Mother’s Journey: Her Five Year Journal
Milestones & Memories: A Father’s Journey: His Five Year Journal



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