You Can Always Change!

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Treat yourself to finding your inner peace by reading Enriched Heart The Tao of Balancing Your Big, Beautiful, Badass Soul by Sheila M. Burke

Free yourself from self-imposed limitations and rise above the weight of old, patterned, thinking.

What would happen if you were able to liberate yourself from painful thoughts and create a life of happiness? Repetitive thoughts and memories live in the stories we keep re-telling ourselves over and over. They only serve to limit our consciousness. Habitual negative thought and emotion can make you sick; Positive thought and emotion can heal you.  Get your copy of Enriched Heart today!

Sheila Burke

Sheila Burke is an inspirational and spiritual author and the founder of Zensational Living and Being Better Humans. Her books include Enriched Heart: The Tao of Balancing Your Big, Beautiful Badass Soul (June 2016), Chorus of Souls, Booyah! Spirit, and Zensational Living and can be found in paperback and kindle on Amazon. The main hub connecting all of her online offerings including blogs, courses, free material, and facebook pages is

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