Your Life. Your Choice

submitted by Graham Kean

How many times are you hijacked by your past? Things that linger in your memory, past happenings not put to bed….you think you have, but then they creep up on you like shadowy demons and whisper in your ear.

This is when your past slips into your present and recreates itself, or should I say; you recreate it. The key word here is RECREATE.

What happened has gone, it can never happen again. In the NOW you allow the demons to creep up and slip into your consciousness and with them come the feelings; sadness, fear, anger, tension, anxiety, you know this… you allow this.

This happens to me from time to time over here in Malaysia. I can feel isolated, far away from the world I know, far away from my loving parents and family, far away from my friends. I can occasionally sink into a low state of mind and that is when the demons strike.

It is up to you, you can empower those demons or you can stop them. It is the actions you take in the present that determine your future. You can allow the past to impact your mood and take actions out of that mood, or you can choose to consider actions based on what you say you want.

I will be happy here because I choose it and I will take action in line with that choice and forge a future that is full of love, beauty & success.

Your life, your choice.   Life Mastery Personal Development & Training
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Graham Kean

As a Master Coach I am privileged to have worked with many people from all parts of the community, from varied and diverse backgrounds, countries, companies & organizations. I also supervise and coach coaches. I love to contribute to the transformation of others as they move towards self-realisation, develop self-esteem, confidence and achieve the goals they create for themselves. I run a successful 1-2-1 & Skype Coaching Practice, please get in touch if you would like to work with me via Graham Kean on the web

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